Task Manager Application – Not Working Fix

Are you no longer able to get into Microsoft Windows operating system task manager to stop processes and applications from running? This is a sure sign that you have adware, spyware, malware, and or viruses on your computer. This PC optimization tool will basically delete any unnecessary files and registry items to make your computer run better.

You can run both cleaner and registry scans with this tool. Junk files and a cluttered registry might be causing your Microsoft Windows task manager from not opening up correctly. I think you may still have a virus or some kind of malware and spyware on your computer if Microsoft Windows Task Manager will NOT open up, after using a PC optimization tool.

You can check for malware and spyware with my preferred spyware removal tool. I would then run a full virus scan with your installed antivirus software. I know they may take a while to run but I have seen running a complete virus scan including PC optimization and malware as well as spyware scans, which fixed major adware, spyware, malware, virus issues.

If you are still unable to get Microsoft Windows operating system task manager to work after running scans with the three a fore mentioned software programs then you might try booting the computer into windows safe mode and this time try using System Restore. In order to access Microsoft Windows safe mode you press your F8 key before Microsoft Windows operating system attempts to boot. An advanced boot options menu should open up.

You can choose “Last known good configuration” from that advanced boot options menu. If you still have a non functioning Microsoft Windows task manager, then there are some additional system scans you can run. Choose from one of the following:

* safe mode
* Safe mode with networking
* safe mode with command prompt

You are advised to run both system file check and check disk scans. Type the following into a command prompt with administrator rights:

sfc /scannow

I advise running this system file check scan three times. Now you want to run a check disk scan. Type the following command into a command prompt with administrator rights:

chkdsk c: /f /r

A check disk scan can potentially take hours to complete. Now see if your Microsoft Windows operating system’s task manager works. If you do NOT have antivirus currently installed on your computer then there are two antivirus software that I recommend.

Do not have a reliable antivirus program installed? You can check out this preferred discount anti virus. You can check out another antivirus I recommend and use in my business.

Once you install some antivirus software, then you definitely want to run a full virus scan with that software. Earlier I had mentioned a Microsoft Windows system restore. If all else fails so far, you can attempt to restore your Microsoft Windows operating system back to when Microsoft Windows task manager still functioned.

Type in “System Restore” into a search box. Now choose “Create a restore point”. Follow along with the prompts.

Make certain that you choose a restore point back to before this problem started occurring. These instructions were written not for one specific Microsoft Windows operating system. You can use these general guidelines for Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1, and Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems.

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