How Does Facebook Live Work – With OBS Studio Tutorial

I have been livestreaming on Youtube for years now. However, there are quite a few other livestreaming platforms available on the Internet. One of those platforms is Facebook.

You can livestream on a Facebook page. What some people might not know, is that you can use encoding software like Open Broadcaster Software’s OBS Studio to livestream to Facebook. First you want to browse to your Facebook page and then click on “Publishing Tools”. On the left hand side click on “Videos”.

You will now see a + Live icon. Click on that to begin configuring your livestream. A “Create Live Video” window will open up.

OBS Studio has preconfigured Real Time Messaging Protocal settings for Facebook. You just need your stream key from this screen. You can copy and paste your “Stream Key”.

You can now open Open Broadcaster Software OBS Studio. Click on “Settings” in OBS Studio. On your left click on “Stream”.

There is a drop down list under “Service”. Choose “Facebook Live” from this drop down list. Paste your Facebook stream key in a “Stream key” field.

You can click on “show” to view your key to make certain you have correct key. Click on OK to save your settings. You are now ready to stream to Facebook with OBS Studio.

You can go back to Facebook and click on “Next”. Facebook is waiting for you to begin your livestream feed via OBS Studio. You can now click on “Start Streaming” in OBS Studio.

In a few seconds you should be able to preview your stream on Facebook. At time of this blog post creation I get a blank screen in this preview window in Google Chrome. However, my feed is actually live.

You can add a video title and tags inside this basic tab. Also, you could livestream with Secure Sockets Layer if you wanted to by clicking inside a “Secure connection (SSL)” checkbox. The advanced tab has three options.

* Prohibit embedding
* Unpublish after live video ends
* Continuous Live Video

According to Facebook, continuous videos are videos over four hours long. You can have a video archived if four hours long by selecting this feature. Also, you can make your videos private by choosing an unpublish feature.