Live Streaming Services – With Periscope.TV Fails Fix

I recently began using a free service called This service allows you to stream video to multiple platforms at once. However, I was not able to stream to Periscope.TV using their service.

I thought perhaps it was an Open Broadcaster Software issue, since I was using their OBS Studio encoding application. It was not my Internet connection because I was able to live stream to YouTube and Daily Motion using Also, when you setup a Periscope.TV channel in the dashboard, there are no configuration settings you can change.

What solved my problem was to delete my Periscope.TV channel in Restream and then add it again. To add a Periscope.TV channel in you first click on “+ Add Channel”. Then you select Periscope from a list of available video streaming platforms.

You will be given two choices. You can either add periscope by clicking on a “Connect Periscope” button or “Setup manually”. I then clicked on “Connect Periscope” which prompted me with a Periscope.TV login screen.

Click on “Log in” and you will be presented with three ways to access your Periscope.TV account.

* Twitter
* Facebook
* Google

Choose which social login account you prefer. I choose Twitter and entered in my Twitter login credentials. Once my login information was verified, I was presented with a screen with this message “ would like full access to your account”.

You want to click on “Authorize” below this message. Finally, I was taken back to my dashboard. I could view my Periscope.TV channel again.

Most importantly, I was able to live stream to Periscope.TV with again. I did NOT have to make any changes to my Open Broadcaster Software OBS studio settings. Hopefully, this helps you be able to live stream to Periscope.TV using again.