HP DV6000 – How to Get Your Laptop Computer to Boot Again

Fixing your HP DV6000 you installed a new motherboard. Now you get a beep code which is three beeps, a pause then two more. Please disconnect all peripheral devices and remove all USB devices and media cards.

You want to test your computer not any accessories! Disconnect an AC power adapter, remove a battery, and then press and hold a power button for at least 15 seconds. Reconnect an AC power adapter (but do not connect a battery), press a power button, look for glowing LEDs near caps lock and num lock keys, and Listen for sounds of a disk drive and fan turning. If it still won’t boot properly or a computer BIOS won’t post then try re seating your memory.

Install one memory module at a time if you have more then one. Also, you can try taking out your hard drive and booting. What you want to do is get your computer’s BIOS to post successfully, then connect or install any other devices and peripherals.

You may need to reset a computer CMOS battery or RTC battery. You might try this sequence to clear CMOS memory. Hold a Function key pressed, then switch on power.

Continuously tap on a F11 key. This will lead to some flashing LEDs, cycling on and off. Let go of a F11 key, and your machine might boot again and show a BIOS error message “system options not set”.

Use a F1 key to save settings. You can double check all connections. Check RAM, keyboard, LCD, modem, wireless, etc.

Potentially, only one loose cable, bad device, or unsupported device can cause a BIOS to not post. Try booting your laptop with a bare minimum of devices. Also, you can remove your CMOS battery and letting your laptop sit for a few minutes with a battery pack and power adapter plugged in.

You may need to try a different memory module that is supported by your laptop motherboard. Check to make sure processor fan is connected and spins when laptop is powered on. Another thing you can try is make sure power is off and make sure your laptop is not plugged in (charging adapter is not plugged in).

Remove a battery pack from your laptop. Hold a power button for 60 seconds. Plug in a power cord, but don’t install a battery pack. Turn it on as usual.