Instant Messaging Virus – Are You Unable to Use Chat Programs?

You can’t chat anymore and think it has to do with encryption. Your chat screen won’t even come up. You have restarted your computer.

You can try to test your chat programs with Windows safe mode with networking. Reboot your computer and after your computer splash screen flashes and before Windows tries to boot press your F8 key until an advanced boot options menu opens. Select “Safe mode with networking”.

Test your chat programs in safe mode. If you are successful then I think you might have some adware, spyware, virus, malware, etc. that is causing your problem. Once in safe mode with networking please download and install MalwareBytes.

Make sure to update Malwarebytes first. Please run a full scan for viruses, malware, adware, etc. with that program. Also, run a full virus scan on your computer with whatever anti-virus you have installed. Reboot that computer in normal mode and hopefully that will resolve your problem.