HP PC Recovery – Disk or USB Drive Order Instructions

I received a live chat request pertaining to HP PC Recovery disks. I do not monitor my live chat after business hours. However, I received a copy of this individual’s question.

“im looking for compaq recovery kit.”


As you may know already, Hewlett Packard, purchased Compaq computer corporation many years ago. You may not be able to obtain recovery disk(s) or Universal Serial Bus drive from Hewlett Packard for your Compaq computer. However, I am going to describe to you how to obtain HP PC Recovery media from Hewlett Packard’s website.

First you want to browse to HP.com. Click on the “Support” link from the top menu. Choose “Software and drivers”. Enter in your product name, product number, or serial number in a box.

Then click on a “Find” button. You should see “Software and driver results” for your computer. If you do NOT see any results, make sure you have entered correct information for your computer.

Scroll down and look for “Order Recovery Media CD/DVD/USB”. Click on plus + to expand this menu option. If there is recovery media available for your computer, you will see an “Order Media” link.

When you click on order media you might be presented with a pop up drown down menu, where you are asked to choose your Hewlett Packard computer model again. Once you have selected the correct model, then click on “Confirm”. A new tab or window will open up.

You will need to go through the order process. The first “Customer information” screen requires:

* computer serial number
* first name
* last name
* email address
* confirm email address
* phone number
* optional company field
* shipping address
* optional second address field
* shipping zip code

All of these fields are mandatory, except for the two optional company and second address fields. Also, you must provide the same name that is listed on your credit card. Click on “Next” complete this five step process.