HP Elitebook Notebook – 8440P Hard Drive Replacement

One of my computer repair customers brought in an HP Elitebook Notebook 8440P to me. This customer was trying to restore Windows 10 but now gets a “Windows Error Recovery” message when this operating system tries to boot. Instead of trying to troubleshoot this issue right away, I am going to try to recovery his important data.

Just in case I have to wipe and reload Windows 10, on this notebook. In order to replace or remove the hard drive on this HP Elitebook notebook, you need to remove the hard drive cover. There are two screws that you need to just loosen.

These screws do NOT fall out. Once you loosen these two screws enough, the hard driver cover lifts right off. The hard drive is screwed down by one screw.

Also, this screw loosens up but does NOT fall out. Loosen this screw and then pull the hard drive away, to the side from where it is connected to. Then you can lift the hard drive up and out of this laptop.

This hard drive has a metal shield that has four screws. Remove two screws on each side to remove this shield. Then just place the shield on your replacement hard drive.

Tighten the shield with the hard drive sticker facing up or the circuit board facing down. You will need to replace this hard drive with one with SATA connectors. Tighten the four screws, two on each side, and then place the hard drive into the bay.

Push the hard drive in so that the SATA connectors slide into the adapter. Tighten the one screw that holds the hard drive in place. Finally, tighten the two screws that hold the hard driver cover in place.

You have just succesfully replaced the hard drive in an HP Elitebook Notebook 8440P.