Windows Installation Media Creation Tool – For Windows 10

Windows installation media creation tool is a free application from Microsoft. You can use this application to create media to install Windows 10. First you want to download this tool.

You can use this tool to either upgrade Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 with a license. Also, you can use this tool to reinstall Windows 10. This computer must have already had Windows 10 activated.

You can use this tool to install from a USB flash drive or DVD. Also, you can use this tool to download a bootable ISO file. Run this application and accept the license agreement by clicking “Accept”.

You will be prompted with “What do you want to do?”. Choose “Create installation media…”. You can either create a bootable USB flash drive, DVD drive, or an ISO file. An ISO file will allow you to create a bootable Windows 10 installation USB flash drive or DVD with third party software like Rufus or Nero.

Click “Next” after you select your choice. You can choose the default “Language”, “Edition”, and “Architecture”. Also, you can change these settings by unchecking “User the recommended options for this PC”.

Click on “Next” then you will be prompted with “Choose which media to use”. You have two choices, either “USB flash drive” or “ISO file”. Click on “Next” after making your choice.

Depending on what you want you either choose your removable DVD/USB drive or this tool will create an ISO file. This tool will begin downloading your Windows 10 installation media. If you are creating an ISO file, you will be prompted with the location that you want to save this file to.

You can also change the name of this ISO file before it begins to download. This tool will then either create your USB flash drive or burn it to a DVD. If you choose to create an ISO file then you will be prompted to either burn this ISO file to DVD or to save it.

Click on “Finish” and then look for your ISO file in the folder you selected. You have just successfully used Windows installation media creation tool to create Windows 10 installation media.