HP USB Printer – Get Your HP Printer Recognized by Windows

Is your HP USB printer not always recognized by your computer? If you reboot that computer and restart your printer it is usually, but not always recognized. Also, when you try to scan using a scan to button, you get a message “no scan options”.

You can first run HP Update from HP Solutions Center. Let that program install any and all updates for your HP printer. Once any update(s) are installed please try to use your scanner.

Also, try rebooting your computer to make sure those update(s) fixed your issue with that printer not always being recognized. If updating software doesn’t fix that issue then please make sure that you don’t have any hidden HP devices in Windows device manager. Also, check to make sure that you don’t have any HP devices in device manager with missing drivers.

HP USB Printer

Go to “Start” then select “Control Panel. In control panel double click on “System” then choose a “Hardware” tab. In hardware select “Device Manager” tab. Select a “View” menu option and then choose “Show Hidden Devices”.

If there are any HP device(s) with a red x then right click on that device and select “Enable”. If there are any HP device(s) with a yellow exclamation point then right click them and select properties. Go through those properties tabs to look for any errors.

Hopefully, running HP Update and or making sure all hidden devices are enabled will solve your problem(s).