Programs Installed – Quick Tips on How to Find Your Programs

Can’t find a Windows program that you installed? These quick tips show you how to quickly find a program you just recently installed. The tips were tailored for Windows Vista, but can certainly be used as a basis for your current version of Windows ie. Windows XP and Windows 7.

In Vista go to “Start” then “All Programs” and look for Quicken 2010 Deluxe. If you still cannot find Quicken or having problems finding it, by browsing a programs menu, then you can use a windows search feature. Click on “Start” button then in a “Start Search” box type in Quicken.

This should show you all programs installed by name of Quicken. If you can’t find it in your list of programs or by searching then open up windows explorer or double click my computer. To open up “Windows Explorer”, go to “Start” then select “Computer”.

Programs Installed

In windows explorer look for your local “C:” drive icon. Double click your C: drive and then browse and click on “Program Files”. Expand program files and you should see a Quicken deluxe folder under program files.

Your quicken deluxe should be in a folder similar to C:Program Files\Quicken Deluxe. Browse to a Quicken sub folder under “Program Files”. Look for an executable by a name similar to “quicken.exe” or “qw.exe”.

Double click an .exe file and you should be able to open up Quicken that way. You can also get to your list of program files by double clicking on your “My Computer” icon on your desktop. Then follow same directions above to get to your quicken program executable file.