Telephone Sound – How to Make Your Phone Ring With MagicJack

Does your voice telephone that is plugged into your magicJack device not ring at all? If you are still having this problem of your voice telephone not ringing, you can check to make sure that the “Do Not Disturb” feature is not enabled in some of the magicJack settings. In your magicJack software screen, you can click on “Menu”.

A drop down menu should appear in that screen. You can look for a “Do Not Disturb” menu option with a check mark. If it does have a check mark, you can click that option again to make that check mark disappear.

Hopefully, your voice telephone will start ringing correctly. If that does not fix that issue, another place you can look in is Microsoft Windows operating system “Device Manager” in Microsoft Windows operating system “Control Panel” to make sure that that magicJack sound driver is installed correctly. You can click on the Microsoft Windows operating system “Start” menu icon, then select “Control Panel”.

In Microsoft Windows operating system control panel, you can browse to “Device Manager”. You will want to look for “Internet Phone by Tiger Jet” listed under “Sounds and Games”. There should not be any problems with this driver, meaning there should not be any yellow exclamation point or red X.

If a red X or yellow exclamation point is next to Internet Phone by Tiger Jet, then there is a problem with that particular sound driver for your magicJack device. A red X means that that driver is disabled. You can right click on Internet Phone by Tiger Jet and select enable.

Hopefully, your voice telephone will start ringing successfully again. A yellow exclamation mark means that there is a problem with that sound driver. You can install that sound driver again by right clicking on “Internet Phone by Tiger Jet” and then selecting “Delete”.

Now, while you are still in Microsoft Windows operating system "Device Manager" there is a refresh icon on the top menu. You will want to click on that refresh icon and Microsoft Windows operating system will find that magicJack sound device again. Microsoft Windows operating system will either install that Internet Phone by Tiger Jet sound driver again by utilizing Microsoft Windows operating system updates service.

If you have that enabled you might be asked for your magicJack installation compact disc readon only memory. You can also try plugging that magicJack into another universal serial bus port and see if it works fine now. Another option is if you still have that nor ring problem with your magicJack voice thelephone devices is to perform a Microsoft Windows operating system restore.

You will want to choose a system restore point back before you had this problem. Microsoft Windows operating system restore tool will then restore your Microsoft Windows operating system back to that time period. This will then restore any potential driver software and magicJack settings back to before you began having this no ring issue.

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