Telephone Sound – How to Make Your Phone Ring With MagicJack

Does your phone that is plugged into your Magic Jack device not ring? If your still having this problem of your phone not ringing, can you please check to make sure that “Do Not Disturb” is not enabled in some magic jack settings. In your magic jack soft screen click on “Menu”.

A drop down menu will appear. Look for a “Do Not Disturb” menu option with a check mark. If it does have a check mark click that option again to make that check mark disappear.

Hopefully, your phone will start ringing. If that doesn’t fix that issue, another place to look is in “Device Manager” in windows “Control Panel” to make sure that Magic Jack sound driver installed correctly. Go to “Start” then select “Control Panel”.

In control panel go into “Device Manager”. Look for “Internet Phone by Tiger Jet” listed under “Sounds and Games”. There should not be any problems with this driver.

Telephone Sound

If a red X or yellow exclamation point is next to Internet Phone by Tiger Jet, then there is a problem with a sound driver for magic jack. A red x means that that driver is disabled. Right click on Internet Phone by Tiger Jet and select enable.

Hopefully, your phone will start ringing. A yellow exclamation mark means there is a problem with a driver. Reinstall that sound driver by right clicking on “Internet Phone by Tiger Jet” and then selecting “Delete”.

While still in device manager there is a refresh icon on a menu. Click on a refresh icon and windows will find that magic jack sound device again. Windows will either reinstall that Internet Phone by Tiger Jet driver via windows updates.

If you have that enabled or you will be asked for your magic jack install CD. You can also try plugging that Magic Jack into another USB port and see if it works fine now.