ios 10 – iPhone Text Message App Bug Potential Fix Instructions

Another iOS application bug has caused some iPhone’s to crash and make text messaging useless. An attachment sent with a text message, if opened is a culprit. This affects iOS 10.2.1 beta and earlier.

Your text messaging application will continually crash if you try to use it. Also, rebooting your device will not fix this issue. Finally, powering it off and on will not rectify this problem.

In order to possibly rectify this issue, you want to make sure you have Internet access. Wifi or your smart device’s mobile data Internet connection will suffice. Also, you want to make certain your device has enough battery power to complete these steps.

Open Safari web browser on your affected device. Type in this uniform resource locator URL, This will help remove a message application bug.

Tap a “Go” button. At an “Open this page in Messages” pop up, click on “Open”. You will be taken to a messaging application where an “I have just saved your iPhone bro!” message appears.

Your text messaging application should now be fixed. This allows you to possibly rectify this problem without waiting for Apple to release a software update.