Kindle Publishing For Blogs – How to Submit Your Blog to Amazon

Amazon has a free publishing feature that some blog owners might not know about. You can submit your blog to Amazon for publishing on Kindle devices. Amazon charges .99 cents or $1.99 per blog.

You receive a percentage of this for each subscription. This allows your blog readers to access your blog on their kindle device. This may save them time, so that they don’t have to visit your actual website on their computer.

In order to submit your blog to Amazon, you must create a separate account. This account cannot be your Amazon affiliate and or reseller one. Once you create an account you then login to Kindle publishing for blogs. Before you can actually submit your blog RSS feed you must add account information such as your tax identification number and banking information.

Select either “Your Blogs” or look under a “Your Blogs” heading. Click on “Add Blog” on right hand side to add your blog to Amazon for Kindle publishing. You will need to fill out each field with a red asterisk that is mandatory.

* RSS Atom Feed Address
* Blog Description
* Blog Author Publisher
* Blog Language
* Categories

You will need to agree to two Amazon terms before you can proceed. You can upload two images to enhance your listing. A banner and screenshot of your blog in a web browser.

You might want to fill out as much information as possible to aid your potential subscribers decision making process. Many of these fields have further instructions on right hand side. Another point of contention is that I received a warning message when trying to use Google Chrome web browser with Kindle publishing for blogs.

As a matter of fact, I couldn’t login using Google Chrome web browser. Before publishing your blog to Kindle, you can “Save” your blog and or “Generate Blog Preview”. Finally, click on a “Publish Blog to Kindle” button.

Amazon claims it can take between twenty four to seventy two hours for your blog to become approved or not.