Launch Startup Repair Not Working – Fix Windows 7 Startup Problem

You are getting a launch startup repair or start windows normally message at boot. Windows will not start and you also let that startup repair run for about two hours with no result. Your lost without your laptop.

Please power on that computer and before Windows 7 tries to boot immediately start pressing an F8 key until an advanced boot options menu. Select “Last good configuration” from that menu. Hopefully, Windows will boot normally.

If previous step does not fix your issue, then this time please go back into that advanced boot options menu before Windows tries to boot. Choose “Safe mode with command prompt”. Once in a black command prompt window, please type in “chkdsk /f /r” without quotes.

A volume is in use message will appear. Type Y and a chkdsk scan will be scheduled. Reboot that computer and a chkdsk scan should begin.

Well if none of those safe mode options will work, do you have a Windows 7 installation disc or recovery disc? There might be a recovery partition on that hard drive. Press and hold down a 0 key that is a zero key while pressing that laptop’s power button if you have a Toshiba laptop.

A recovery program should open. Do you have any important data on that computer’s hard drive? If you don’t have any data you want to save, then you can go ahead and try to restore that computer to factory settings.

Make sure that computer is powered off. Then press a zero key while pressing a power button at same time. If you don’t have recovery media and a factory recovery partition does not work then taking it to a computer repair shop, might be your best bet.

A factory recovery utility should work. Previous instructions were for restoring a Toshiba laptop to factory settings. Your laptop might differ therefore keystroke combinations might be different to get a factory recovery to work.