Vista Upgrade Prank – How to Upgrade Vista to Windows 7 Properly

Your operating system is Vista. Is there an upgrade or download that you can get to fix problems your having? You can’t do anything with this system without some kind of snafu occurring.

You cannot download information to hook up your printer. A friend told you to update Vista to get Windows 7. Everything you do on Vista gives you “done with error on the page” or knocks you out altogether.

You have just received high speed internet and want some help upgrading your system, but you don’t know what to do. Could use some expert advice. Yes, Vista can be upgraded to Windows 7.

Make sure you have Vista service pack 1 or 2 installed. You can check out this Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 article from Microsoft. Please read “Overview”, “Step 1”, and “Step 2” tabs.

Also, you can download a Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft. If you run that upgrade advisor, please make sure that all your devices are plugged in that you plan on using. Prices vary on the Internet for Windows 7 upgrade versions.

Here is a listing of Windows 7 upgrade retail versions, using a google shopping search. You can purchase a full version of any Windows 7 types, but full version is more expensive. If you do decide to purchase an upgrade version make sure you find out what exact version of Vista you have ie. Vista premium and then find out what upgrade version you need to purchase in that list on that Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 article.

How do you know if service packs are installed? Where do you go to install them? Click on a “Start” button.

Right click on a “Computer”. Click on “Properties”. Under “View basic information about your computer” you will see what service pack you have installed.

You can download Windows Vista Service Pack 1 to your computer, then install it. Also, you can download Windows Vista Service Pack 2 to your computer and install it if necessary.