Microsoft Security Patch – Problems Installing Windows Updates?

You are having a problem installing updates to Microsoft windows that came in January, starting with KB2628259. Those updates start to load and you get a message “Some updates could not be installed” and a list of ones that could not be installed, last being KB2619340. How do you solve this problem you ask?

Please download KB2619340 manually from this Microsoft download center web page. Click on a red “Download” link. You can either run or save that security update to your computer and then double click it to install it.

If it installs successfully, then please try installing remaining updates by browsing to You may need to install them manually one at a time until you can install them in a group. Don’t use windows update wizard.

You need to download that actual file to your desktop and then run it. Make sure your logged in with an account with administrator rights. If not right click an update file and select “Run as administrator” from a pop up menu.

Another thing you can try is to close all programs, including your web browser and then try running those updates. You can try disabling any antivirus and then try to install that update. You can reset Windows update components automatically by clicking this Fix it link.

Click “Run” in a “File Download” dialog box, and then follow some steps in that Fix it wizard. You should run that Fix it solution in Default mode and determine whether it resolves your problem with Windows Update before you run it in Aggressive mode. Please reboot that computer and then install those updates.

You can try going to to try downloading any remaining updates. If any remaining updates fail to install then click “Start” then select “Run” and type in “regedit” without quotes. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then SOFTWARE then Microsoft then Updates then Windows XP then SP3.

Right click on SP3 and if there is no key then select “New” then “Key”. Give it a name for example KB2628259. Try installing those any remaining updates.

If they still won’t install then go into same registry path and add new ones ie. KB2646524 and KB890830 keys. You can reboot your computer after adding windows update keys to a registry. You may need to manually download and install any remaining windows updates like these real world Microsoft updates KB2628259, KB2646524, and KB890830.