Restore Windows Default – How to Restore Windows on Your Emachine

Your computer will not download updates or allow some programs that work on Windows 7 to load on that computer. Your Turbo Tax program will not load and comes back and says needs service pack 3 for XP. This program loaded on your Laptop with windows 7 without a problem.

You are having these kind of problems all a time. You think you need to reload an operating system, but its most likely same on your recovery partition. You think that you need a copy of this operating system so that you can reload a good copy.

You have taken it to a repair shop and they said this was an only way they could most likely fix that problem but at that time you had a lot on that computer that you did not want to lose. You have since made copies of these files and would not mind reloading an operating system and losing what is on that computer but it would cost you additional money to take it back and have them load an operating system. You can create recovery discs to restore that computer to factory settings.

If so then you click “Start” then choose “All programs” then select “eMachines recovery managment” to open recovery program. Click create factory default disc and just follow onscreen instructions. It will load a new copy of Windows 7 like it was when you bought it, not how it is now.

Make sure you choose an option to create a factory restore disc. You don’t want to make a copy of your current version of Windows.