Microsoft Win 10 Support – Recovery and Resetting Your PC Tutorial

If you ever have issues with Microsoft Windows 10 you can always recover and reset your PC. Sometimes Microsoft security updates will fuck up your computer. Perhaps Microsoft Windows has gotten corrupt or a program you recently installed are causing issues.

You can reset your Windows 10 computer to when you installed this operating system or back to when you purchased it. However, there are two ways to reset your computer. You remove all data and programs.

Also, you can reset your PC without deleting any of your important data ie. pictures, movies, documents, etc. Click on a Windows ten menu button. Choose “Settings” and then “Update & Security”.

Click on “Recovery” and look for “Recovery Reset this PC”. Click “Get Started” to begin resetting Windows 10. You have two options to choose from.

* Keep my Files
Removes apps and settings, but keeps your personal files.
* Remove Everything
Removes all of your personal files, apps, and settings.

If you have important data you want to keep then choose “Keep my Files”. If you do not have important data you want to keep then choose “Remove Everything”. Once you pick an option a window will popup with this message “Getting things ready This won’t take long”.

You will see a “Your apps will be removed” screen with a list of all your software applications installed. This list of your software will be saved to your desktop so that you can view later once your Windows 10 machine is restored. This is a catalog of your software.

You will need to reinstall all this software from any discs, DVD’s, Internet, etc. Finally, click on “Next” to begin resetting your Microsoft Windows 10 computer. If you choose to “Remove Everything” you will be given two additional choices.

You can then choose “Just remove my files” which will remove all your files and then reset your Windows 10 installation. This is recommended if you decide to keep using this computer. If you want to clean up your computer if you don’t plan on using it again or want to sell it then you can choose the second option.

A “Remove files and clean the drive” will remove all your data and then format the hard drive. This can take a few hours but is useful if you plan on giving or selling this computer. This option makes it more difficult for people to access any data you had on this hard drive.