Submit Site to Google – to Get Traffic to Your Website

I recently created a subdomain that was not receiving any web traffic. I decided to find out quickest way(s) to add my website to googlebot’s database. I will show you three quick ways to submit your website to googlebot.

The first way is to perform absolutely nothing. That might be futile since your website might never get indexed. You could advertise your website on another domain and or include it as a link on your social media profiles, ie. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. and wait for googlebot to visit your new domain.

A second way to submit your website is to use Google’s addurl tool. You must have a google account to use this tool. Once logged in you can quickly submit your website Uniform Resource Locator.

Also, you will need to check in a box next to “I’m not a robot” captcha. My final possible gold tip is to tell you a third option of submitting your website to Google bot. You will need a google webmasters tool account to add your domain this way.

Login into Google Webmasters Tool. Once logged in you will be taken to your dashboard. You click on “Add a Property”.

Type in your domain name ie. and then click “Add”. As an added bonus you want to submit a Google XML Sitemap file to this listing. When I researched this, Googlebot will index your website quite a bit faster with a sitemap.xml file.

Select “Crawl” on left hand menu. Select “Sitemaps” and then add your sitempa.xml file by clicking on “Add/Text Sitemap”. You may want to test your sitemap before you submit it.

I have noticed that whenever you add a legitimate sitemap that you will notice a “Pending” notice both under “Submitted” and “Indexed” information. You need to wait for a few hours until Google finishes indexing your site. Using a working sitemap.xml file may speed up the index process of your website and create same day website traffic, which is beneficial for bloggers.