Nero Backup – Fix Your Nero 8 Backups Problem Successfully

Is your Nero 8 software not performing backups successfully? You can try downloading and installing the most recent Nero 8 update to try to fix your issue. You will need to supply an email address for those FREE update(s).

Nero 8 Updates Download

Once you download this file, Nero8-20.11.2015_stub_update.exe, to your computer, then locate that file. Double click that Nero 8 update software program executable. Follow the installation prompts.

This Nero 8 update is 2.44 megabytes in size. Also, make sure you have activated your product via your serial number. Make sure you activate any patents when prompted. Some features in Nero 8 software won’t work until you activate any patents associated with that particular feature.

You may have to email Nero 8 support if you feel that program is installed correctly and you have it activated as well as all patents activated. The Nero 8 frequently asked questions has a post titled “The patent has been successfully activated, so why can’t I use certain features?” that covers this issue.

License Activation

You will need to send an email to Nero 8 support team at the following email address:

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You will need to include your Nero 8 software serial number within this email message. Nero 8 software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Microsoft Windows operating systems designed for 32 bit x86 and 64 bit x64 architecture are supported.

Microsoft Directx 9.0c or newer must be installed on your computer. If all else fails you can perform a Microsoft Windows system restore. Restore your computer back to before you were having problems with Nero 8 software program backups.

Also, you can remove Nero 8 software from within control panel. Then you can either reinstall the software from your Nero 8 installation CD-ROM or from a Nero 8 download. If you install from the Nero 8 update software download, you will be asked to enter in an email address.

Click on the “Download” button, and then enter in an email address. Now click on “Download Now” button. Find that file on your computer and double click that executable to begin the installation process.

You will be asked to enter in your Nero 8 software program serial number during the installation process. If you do NOT enter in your serial number, then this software will function as a trial version only. You can always contact Nero 8 support if you lost your serial number or login to your Nero 8 account.

Hopefully, now you are able to successfully complete backups with your Nero 8 software program.