Onkyo CX-70 – Audio Receiver Testing

I recently received a couple of items for recycling. One of them being an old school Onkyo CX-70 receiver. This device is fucking heavy.

This audio receiver is mostly made out of steel and aluminum. There is very little plastic found. However, I noticed a few faulty items.

Two of the speaker connectors were loose. Also, I think the built in antenna was not properly connected. I decided to test this receiver out.

I love fucking around with electronics. Also, I like to repair or figure out how to repair electronics. Sound systems is not my niche.

I am up for learning new things though. This receiver I initially thought would be perhaps 20 years old. I performed a quick Google search and found one listing over at Radio Museum.org with 1981 as the manufactured date.

I could not find a manufactured date sticker on this Onkyo CX-70. At first I thought it was possible it would not power on. The individual that dropped it off did NOT know if it worked or not.

I plugged it in and powered it on and I did NOT see any visual display that it worked. I started to fiddle around with the AM switch. Low and behold I saw a red light.

Some green lights started flashing. I think the receiver was tuned into a radio station. Later on I have concluded that many of the green power lights do NOT work.

For example as soon as you turn on this Onkyo receiver, you should see green lights above the power button. This audio receiver has a cassette tape player that opens with or without the device plugged in to live power.

That is kind of a cool feature. Perhaps in case the cassette tape gets stuck? I don’t know the answer to that question. I found some jankety speaker I think from a liquid crystal display that had a busted screen.

Anyhow, I quickly hooked this speaker up to the older school type speaker connectors. You literally connect bare speaker wire to the receiver. Not RCA type connectors.

I was able to hear AM radio. This receiver actually works. I tested out the FM receiver and that also worked.

I was a bit surprised. I do NOT own any cassette tapes, so I was not able to test that. However, later I did test the reverse, forward, stop, and start buttons.

They all seem to work. This receiver has four connectors for straight speaker wire. You can hook up just two speakers.

There are both positive and negative speaker wire connectors. This Onkyo CX-70 also includes two RCA connectors. Unfortunately, I do not have any of those type of speakers either.

This allows you to hook up two speakers with left and right connectors. This unit includes an external AM antenna connector for straight speaker wire. Also, one 75 ohm and one 300 ohm FM antenna connectors.

There is one straight through speaker wire ground connector. Interestingly, there is a 120 watt power plug. This would allow you to power another device.

There is a 150 maximum watt amplifier with this Onkyo CX-70 receiver. There is a quarter inch microphone connection and a quarter inch headphones jack connection. There is then obviously a record button with the cassette feature.

This receiver has the following adjustments:

* volume
* tuning
* fm or am
* tuner or phono
* source or cassette
* loudness on or off
* balance
* treble
* bass
* microphone level

The tape cassette player has the following buttons:

* record
* rewind
* play
* fast forward
* stop
* timer/pause

The tape cassette player has two adjusting knobs:

* dolby nr out or in
* tape select high, metal or normal

I am going to try to sell this Onkyo CX-70 locally probably on Craigslist. I really do NOT have a use for it as I do NOT listen to commercial over the air radio. I stream techno music without lyrics preferably.

If I cannot sell it I might keep it for testing purposes.

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