Open Source Analytics Software – Open Web Analytics View Counter

I received a question from my Anet Computers YouTube channel pertaining to open source analytics software open web analytics. This individual wanted to know if you can incorporate a view counter into their website using Open Web Analytics. Posting a view counter on your website is kind of old school.

“Using OWA can i include the page counter to be displayed on the website am tracking say may be an api generated by OPEN WEB ANALYTICS to desplay page count on my websites footer or header.?”

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Anyways, I am not a developer in the sense that I can code in Cascading Style Sheets, PHP, javascript, etc. However, I read through open web analytics documentation and using their Application Programming Interface, you post certain data such as:

* visit duration
* bounces
* repeat visitors
* new visitors
* visits
* page views

Web analytics software similar to Google analatycs are NOT generally used to display a page counter on your website. However, using open web analytics API you might be able to display page views similar to a page counter using either PHP or REpresentational State Transfer. Remember I am not a website developer or coder.

I know how to maintain wordpress websites but do NOT use Application Programming Interface that often. Perhaps with your programming knowledge you will be able to output page views on the front end as some sort of “page counter”. Finally, Open Web Analytics has not been updated since February of two thousand fourteen.

I no longer use their analytics software because I no longer have a Virtual Private Server. Basically, I do not have root access anymore. For now I use my web hosting providers built in Awstats.

Hopefully, I answered this question with a viable solution.