Open Source Password Manager – KeePassXC Version 2.2.4

I have decided to quit using web based password synchronization tools like Google Chrome saved passwords. This is risky for multiple reasons. Your passwords are synchronized across multiple devices potentially.

You must have a Google account for this to work. Also, if for some reason Google terminates your account, guess what, you lose all your passwords because they are actually synced with your Google login. I thought perhaps I would give Mozilla.orgs’ similar free password storage system.

I came to my senses and I found a FREE open source password manager called KeePassXC. KeePassXC is actually a port of KeePass. However, KeePass has not been updated since two thousand sixteen. KeePassXC is cross platform compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

This open source password manager supports both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit architecture. I was not able to find out what exact operating systems this program supports. There is a portable version for Microsoft Windows.

I ran the portable version on Microsoft Windows 10 without any problems. Your passwords are encrypted with Secure Hash Algorithm 256. KeePassXC saves your passwords in one database file.

You can store this file locally on a hard drive, flash drive, and even on a network drive. Also, you can use access your passwords database on a cloud service. Although, I have not tested via cloud based computing.

You can download the most current version of KeePassXC open source password manager from a static web link. Also, you can install this application instead of using a portable version. KeePassXC is NOT developed for Google Android or Apple iOS.

There are add ons for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Also, other web browsers should work with KeePassXC. You can import your passwords from other programs using a Comma Separated Values file.

Once you create your database and add some login accounts, you can then export this to a comma separated value file for importation into other programs. Finally, you must create a master password with this program in order to secure access to your database.