Small Business Accounting – Software GnuCash 2.6.19

As a small business owner I have used exclusively a small business accounting software titled GnuCash, for many years. GnuCash is free and open source accounting software. Version 2.6.19 is available.

GnuCash supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Apple Macintosh Intel as well as PowerPC, Linux, Sun Solaris, and Berkeley Software Distribution operating systems. I have used GnuCash on both Linux and Windows operating systems. GnuCash is both individual and small business accounting software.

There is no web based interface that I am aware of. Also, you cannot have multiple users on a network access the same GnuCash database at the same time. However, you can install multiple instances of GnuCash and point them to the same database, just as long as one person at a time makes changes.

GnuCash is easy to backup and restore. You just save the QIF files. You can import this database into another installation.

If you lose this QIF database your pretty much fucked. You can download the most recent version, along with older versions from this GnuCash 2.6.19 small business accounting software static link. GnuCash features these principles:

* double entry accounting system
* stock, bond, & mutual fund accounting
* small business accounting software
* reports and graphs
* qif, ofx, and hbci importation
* transaction matching verification
* schedule transactions
* financial calculators
* online banking

GnuCash is a double entry accounting system, with a general ledger and chart of accounts. I have used it to help me file my federal and state income taxes. I have used this software to track stock trades.

This free small business accounting software will track most individual and business expenses. You can even create invoices. Also, you can create graphical reports to track expenses, revenues, etc.

I highly recommend this software to track your individual money. Finally, I have used this software before to keep track of my small business money.