PC Wireless Keyboard – How to Get Your Keyboard Working Again

You have a personal computer with Microsoft Windows eXPerience operating system installed. You are using a wireless keyboard & and mouse combination. As nearly as you can tell everything is working, except that you cannot get input from your wireless keyboard to show up on your display screen.

You have tried changing batteries in your wireless keyboard and tried to synchronize that keyboard to no avail. You can try removing the software driver from Microsoft Windows operating system device manager in control panel. You will want to click your Microsoft Windows operating system “Start” menu button. Now then select “Control Panel”.

You can choose “System”. Then select “Hardware”. Now you can click on a “Device Manager” button. You can right click the keyboard entry and select “Uninstall”.

Once that wireless keyboard is removed then you can click on the “Scan for hardware changes” icon in Microsoft Windows device manager. Microsoft Windows operating system should install again a driver for your wireless keyboard. You will want to make sure to remove your wireless keyboard device.

There should be a “Scan for hardware changes” icon towards the top of that Device Manager window. It looks like a small computer monitor with an hour glass. If removing and installing your wireless keyboard driver does not fix your issue, you can try performing a Microsoft Windows eXPerience operating system restore.

Also, you can make sure your wireless keyboard is not disabled or has any errors with it in Microsoft Windows device manager. A red x next to that keyboard would indicate it is disabled. You can enable it again by right clicking it and then select “Enable” from a small menu.

If there is a yellow exclamation point next to that wireless keyboard then that indicates a problem with it. In order to perform a Microsoft Windows eXPerience system restore you can follow these instructions. You can click the Microsoft Windows operating system Start menu icon.

Then you can select All Programs. Now you will want to choose Accessories. Next you can select System Tools.

Now then click on System Restore. System Restore will begin to start. On a Welcome to System Restore page, you can click on Restore my computer to an earlier time, if it is not already selected.

Now choose Next. On a Select a Restore Point page, you will want to choose the most recent system restore point in this list. You want to choose the most recent restore point from this list before you had your current problem with your wireless keyboard.

Then you can choose Next. You will want to allow system restore to complete. It may take quite awhile to complete, so patience is a virtue.

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