Yahoo Small Business – How to Access Your Web Hosting Control Panel

Has the server for your Yahoo small business domain been upgraded to handle necessary changes in WordPress control panel upgrades section? Also, are you wondering how do you access the control panel for as a Yahoo small business customer? Are you trying to access your small business hosting package?

First of all, you will need to know what kind of hosting plan you have. Are you using their site solution, site builder, or another Yahoo or third party site building tool? Depending on your hosting package you purchased, I will be able to help you find how to use the administrator panel if it comes with one.

Also, I assume you contacted Yahoo support by calling their #800 telephone number? Either way I will try to help you find out where you can check the status of your web site upgrade and how to access that particular control panel. You should have been given a username and password for your yahoo small business starter package.

Yahoo small business is now known as Turbify. You can try to login by browsing to Turbify web hosting and clicking on their ” Customer Sign-In” link. This Turbify web hosting help page shows you how to access your control panel.

You will want to select the correct Turbify service you subscribed to. They have multiple services available to host your own website. Web hosting, website builder, and WordPress hosting are a few of the services they provide.

You will then want to follow the instructions pertaining to your Turbify service in order to access your control panel. Once you are able to successfully access your Turbify control panel, then you should be able to access your administrator panel for your website. For example, you could then access your WordPress control panel, which will allow you to create, edit, upload, etc. content to your website.

Turbify does actually have a toll free telephone number that is listed at the bottom of that support website page. They may or may not have real time chat support with your Turbify account. Also, you can look for a technical support contact form by logging into your Turbify account.

Hopefully, now you will be able to access and administrate your Turbify website which was once known as Yahoo small business.

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