Pro CS – Having Trouble With Adobe Creative Suite 3 Program?

Having trouble with your Adobe Creative Suite 3 web premium contribute program? Everything was working well with contribute to edit your site(s). Have you recently added two setups in a contribute program to connect for editing?

Then you edited a few times successfully but then weird things started happening. When you click on that connector to your website, contribute closes down on you completely. It fades and then you get a dialogue box that says that program has stopped working and shuts down.

You tried clicking on a website connector, which diverts automatically to wrong site. This way it let you edit, but then when you tried to publish your edited page it shuts down same way. You even tried reinstalling the Adobe Creative Suite 3 program.

Pro CS

You can try to find support on Adobe’s Community. If you no longer have Creative Suite 3 Web Premium files you can download them from this Adobe Download CS3 products page. Hopefully, you can find a resolution on Adobe’s community help forum.

Another possible solution was trying to only use one connection profile. Try to only configure one connection profile to your university site for testing. You can also try clearing any Internet cache or any cache associated with Adobe CS3.