Protect VB – Quick Tips to Protecting Your Visual Basic Code

Are you trying to secure a program you wrote in Visual Basic so that no one can copy it, send it to someone, and all other types of protection? You need an ultimate protection. You also want to exempt printing of this document code and even block any attempts to screen dump the code.

This would be VB code that makes up those macros for spreadsheets you will email to folks. Some following tips are for protecting Visual Basic code in Microsoft Excel 2000. Password protecting your code in excel is an option but this password could be crackable.

Protect VB

I found a solution to hide your VB code by creating an Excel add in for your users. You can view VBA help for protecting Visual Basic code in Excel 2000 from Microsoft. If this isn’t sufficient enough security, you could create a DLL with your VB code and then have that spreadsheet call that specific DLL.

This would require writing your code in VB 6.0 and learning how to call that code from within excel. You would create an add in for that spreadsheet and alot of users wouldn’t know it. It’s still recommended to password protect it and create an add in.

You can check out an article explaining how to protect VBA code in Microsoft Excel 2007.