RealPlayer – How to Fix Your Real Player SP Video Library Problem

You have Real Network SP. All of a sudden you cannot access your videos. Names of some videos are listed in your library, but when you try to call one up, you get a message that a video could not be found.

You have tried to call up many of your videos which are listed in your library, but you always get an answer that a video could not be found. Check to make sure your default downloads directory didn’t get changed accidentally. A default location for RealPlayer video downloads is:

C:\Documents and Settings\[current user]\My Documents\My Videos\RealPlayer Downloads


Where [current user] will be a name of your Windows username on your Vista computer you are logged in with. Browse to that directory to make sure you can see your video files. If you see your video files at that location then go into RealPlayer settings to make sure it is set to that same folder.

To verify or change that location, follow these steps:

Open RealPlayer and then click Tools. Select Preferences and then click Download & Record from a left menu. Click a Browse button next to “Save Files To” and select a new location where you want downloads saved, if it’s not that same location you verified in a step above.

If a location matches with your folder that has videos then don’t change it.