Download Audition – Fix Adobe Audition No Sound During Playback

You are using Adobe Auction 3.0. You are using an Alesis IO2 express USB audio device and an Asio4all V2 driver. You have a condenser mike and are using phantom 48V on an audio card.

You have a headset plugged into your computer. You can select a track to record (which you cannot do with any other asio driver) and start recording. You do not hear anything when recording, but looking at some screens, shows that recording is taking place by spikes and wave lengths on a screen.

When you choose playback you get no sound. You have tried several Asio drivers, none which have worked. Where can you get help?

You changed audio cards and have tried four different Asio drivers. Only a Asio4all V2 allows me to record. With some others, you cannot select an R in any track.

You can make sure your output audio device is selected correctly. In Audition 3.0, go to “Edit” then select “Audio hardware”. Select “Audition 3.0 Windows sound” in an audio driver drop down.

Adobe Audition 3 Audio Hardware Setup

Click a control panel button. Verify that your playback sound card and your recording device (condenser mic) have their boxes checked. Click “Apply” then click “Ok” on all.

Adobe Audition 3 Output

Start a session and select your mono input (Condenser) and just leave output on master as it should auto select your default windows stereo sound, you may want to check just in case. Your devices will show as something different of course, but should be similar and obvious.