Download Audition – Fix Adobe Audition No Sound During Playback

If you are using Adobe Audition software program version three, you may not be able to hear any sound during playback. You are using an Alesis IO2 express universal serial bus audio device and an Asio for all version two driver. Also, you have a condenser microphone and are using phantom forty eight volt power on a personal computer audio card.

You have a pair of headsets plugged into your physical computer system. You can actually select an audio track to record, which you cannot select with any other Asio brand device driver, and start recording sound. However, you do not actually hear anything when recording, but looking at some visual screens, that software program shows that recording is taking place by spikes and wave lengths on your display screen.

When you choose playback you actually are not hearing and receiving any sound in that software program. Also, you have tried several Asio drivers, none which have worked to produce any audible sound. Where can you receive help you ask?

Also, you have changed audio sound cards and have tried four different Asio sound drivers. Only the Asio four all version two audio driver allows you to record any audible sound. With some Asio sound drivers, you cannot select record in any audio sound track.

You will want to make sure that your output audio device is selected correctly. In Audition version three software program, you can browse to “Edit”, then select “Audio hardware”. Now you will want to select “Audition 3.0 Windows sound” in that audio driver drop down menu.

You will then want to click the control panel button. You can verify that your playback sound card and your recording device, in this situation a condenser micrphone have boxes checked next to them. Then you can click “Apply”. Now then you will want to click “Ok” on all.

You will need to start a recording session and select your mono input, which is your condenser microphone. Then you can just leave output selected to master, as it should automatically select your default Microsoft Windows operating system stereo sound. You may want to double check your Microsoft Windows stereo mix settings check just in case first. Your audio sound devices may show up on your computer as something different of course, but should be similar and obvious enough to help you configure the correct settings, so that you can once again hear audio sounds from Adobe Audition software during playback.

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