Toshiba Satellite 2435 – How to Remove Your Laptop Keyboard?

How do you remove a keyboard for a Toshiba Satellite 2435-S255 laptop? You spilled liquid on your keyboard. You removed some keyboard keys, but liquid appears under those keys.

Please view a basic laptop keyboard removal video.

Flip your laptop so that it’s underside is faced towards you. Look for any screws with small keyboard symbols next to them. Unscrew those and then you flip your laptop keyboard facing you.

Find a flat object like a flat head screw driver to pry your keyboard out. Keep in mind to not pry too hard as you can scratch or damage your laptop. Also, make sure that you removed all screws that have keyboard symbols and are required to remove your keyboard.

Carefully detach keyboard cable from your laptop motherboard.

Disconnect Keyboard

Disconnect Laptop Keyboard

Disconnect Your Laptop Keyboard