SolCalendar – NameCheap Contact & Calendar Sync on Android How to

Recently, I decided to attempt to synchronize my contacts and calendar items for my computer business with my Android device. I am currently using an HTC 626S running Android 6.0 marshmallow. I do not trust using contacts and calendar with free services such as Google Gmail, Yahoo mail, or Microsoft Hotmail.

I currently have a NameCheap shared hosting account that has Contacts and Calendar accessible with my own email. I decided to try to find out a way to synchronize these contacts and calendar items on my Android device. Out of the box, NameCheap really only supports Apple iOS devices. I could not find a manual way to try to synchronize this information.

I found a free application called SolCalendar on the Internet. You want to download this free application and then configure your Android device to sync with NameCheap using a manual entry. You might be prompted to synchronize your device the first time that you open SolCalendar.

Either way, you want to manually configure your NameCheap settings. You will be offered to click on or select Google, Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange, and Naver. Scroll down and look for manual or from within SolCalendar, go to “Settings”.

In “Settings” look for and select “Add an account”. Choose “Manual entry”. You will need to enter these three items.

* https:// address
* ID
* Password

The https:// address should be your NameCheap server address ie. For ID you want to enter in your NameCheap cPanel username. Enter in your NameCheap cPanel password.

Once these are entered in, then SolCalendar should start to synchronize the contacts and calendar items from NameCheap. I will now be able to access my customers, clients, vendors, etc. contact and calendar items on my Android. I do NOT have to rely on technical giants like Google, Microsoft, etc. for storage.