Sync iPod – How to Get Your iPod Syncing Again With iTunes

When you attach an Apple iPod to a USB port it says it is connected, and arrows go around for a few seconds, but an Apple iPod is not showing up as a device on Apple iTunes, and no syncing takes place. Once, when you tried while online, it said your Apple iPod might be corrupted and suggested reinstalling your iPod, but since it is not showing up as a device on Apple iTunes, you do not even know how you can do that. You have restarted your computer with Microsoft Windows XP several times, used different USB ports, and even installed Apple iTunes 9.2.

You reset the Apple iPod using a menu and select buttons together. If your still able to use your iPod but it will not sync with Apple iTunes then please reinstall Apple iTunes. This removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP article from Apple support has instructions showing you how to properly remove Apple iTunes. Please remove Apple software in the order as suggested.

Reboot your Microsoft Windows XP computer and then download and install Apple iTunes, if you do not have latest version 9.2 on your computer. You have to make sure you remove and reinstall all software components that are used by Apple iTunes. Sometimes if components like Quicktime and Bounjour aren’t removed properly or reinstalled then Apple iTunes will not work correctly.

There might be a problem with one of those components and not just the main Apple iTunes software. That is fine if you have them on an external hard drive. All you would do is change the Apple iTunes media folder location and then consolidate.

Another tip is to remove the following folders, even if they are not deleted after uninstalling Apple iTunes.

C:\Program Files\iPodbin

C:\Program Files\iTunes