Toshiba Hard Drive Recovery – For Satellite L655-S5096

I received a question on my Anet Computers Youtube channel pertaining to a Toshiba hard drive recovery for a Satellite L655-S5096 laptop. This individual has the three recovery DVD’s that came with this computer. However, I guess they ran into some sort of road block.

“I was wondering if possible you have some information how I am trying to do a factory reset on my Toshiba Satellite L655-S5096. Windows 7 64 Bit. I have the three Toshiba recovery media disc that I bought from Toshiba many years ago when I got the laptop.

But the problem I’m having is my disk drive is not reading which I’m not sure if I need a new one or not but I have an external just drive that I’m trying to use to boot up and it’s not booting up even after going through the files and setting it for the boot order. So I found a video on using diskpart to be able to transfer to a USB and the problem I have is when they did it they ran it off of Heaven file I guess already on the system and then using diskpart with the USB in the system itself. But with me having three disc I’m not quite sure exactly how to do the diskpart where I would have to put the three disc in and if I be able to use the external which I should be able to using diskpart.

So if you have any info that possibly you have time you could give me a little Direction on at appreciate it. And the video that you did about not worrying about people leaving bad comments cuz it takes up your time which is valuable time that you could be using on something else to sort of what I’m feeling trying to troubleshoot something that I have no way on getting too with the knowledge I have about this part. But ever since I watched the video the other day I just like you’re hardcore sense of humor and how you tell people straight up but if there’s anything I can do to help if you can get me some info you can let me know so possibly I could get this thing back to a factory reset.

Also I use Comcast which I had to get a new modem Because the Internet kept dropping and the new one I got is just seems worse yet so I’m going to have to go and swap that out which I really haven’t had too many but the last time I did a reset I got the Windows 7 OEM from the windows website years ago and use their download just not have to do the bloatware but I’d rather have the bloatware and have all the stuff on it correct so it’s not so much of a headache. So if you have time if you could possibly leave me if you’re busy please don’t worry I understand. Thank you and keep doing the good videos my friend?”


In order to perform a Toshiba hard drive recovery for your L655-S5096 using the factory recovery partition you press the 0 zero key while pressing the power button. Your laptop must be turned off before performing this action. In order to perform a Toshiba hard drive recovery using DVD media you insert the first disc and press F12 key once your Toshiba laptop turns on.

Since I do NOT have access to this exact model of Toshiba laptop, I won’t be writing up a detailed tutorial. You can find the user Guide for Satellite L640/L650 series laptop linked above. That user guide has detailed instructions showing you how to perform a factory recovery using both internal factory recovery patition, DVD media, and Universal Serial Bus media.

Look for the guide under “Manuals and Specs”. If you have problems getting the factory recovery partition to work it could be corrupted. I recommend running a chkdsk.

If you have problems getting the DVD or USB factory recovery to install files, perhaps your hard drive is failing or corrupt.