Dell Inspiron Hard Drive Removal – For All in One Model 2305

One of my repeat customers brought in a Dell Inspiron One model 2305 all in one computer. The most recent fall creators update failed and now this computer will not boot into Windows. I am going to show you how to perform a Dell Inspiron hard drive removal.

I decided to reinstall Windows 7 for her and recover her data. You want to lay this all in one computer facing down against the screen. There are two screws on the bottom.

There is one screw on each side of the kick stand. You just need to loosen both screws and remove them. Now the back cover will come off quite easily.

Just push or pull away from the kick stand towards the top of this computer. You have just removed the back cover. On the lower right hand side you will see the hard drive encased in a cover.

You will need to loosen two screws that hold this cover onto the case. These screws do NOT fall out, so you just need to loosen them enough to remove this cover with the hard drive under neath. Once you remove this cover with the hard drive attached, you just have four screws to remove.

These four screws fall out and keep the hard drive secure. Make sure to disconnect both a Serial Advanced Technology Attachment cable and power cable from the hard drive. All you have to do to either replace the hard drive or install it again is to reverse the order.

Repeat customers are always nice when running a computer repair business. This Dell Inspiron one 2305 all in one computer keeps failing with Windows 10. Even though this computer might be compatible with Windows 10, it was manufactured and designed to run Windows 7.

I think my customer will be happy when I reload Windows 7. This might even save her some money. Can you imagine paying to have Windows 10 fixed, each time a major update makes it not usable?