Upgrade Your Memory – in Your Dell Inspiron One 2305 All in One

A recent computer repair customer of mine, brought in a Dell Inspiron one model 2305 all in one computer. I am going to show you how to remove and or upgrade your memory in this computer. You need to remove a back cover.

You can lay this all in one flat on its screen, facing down. There are two screws that you need to remove on the bottom. There is one screw on each side of the kick stand.

Once you remove these screws you will be able to easily remove this back cover. Pull away or towards the top of this all in one to remove it. Once this cover is removed you will notice a large cover on the upper left hand side.

This is where the Random Access Memory resides. You will notice a smaller cover on top of a larger cover. This smaller cover has just one screw that you need to loosen.

This screw loosens but stays attached to this cover. Once you loosen this screw enough you will be able to pull out this cover. Pull towards you or towards the bottom of this case.

Now you can upgrade your memory in this Dell Inspiron one 2305 all in one computer. This particular computer had two memory modules. To remove these modules just press out on the retaining clips.

There are two retaining clips that hold the memory module in place. Pull the memory module out. If your Dell all in one computer has an open memory slot, then you can add in a memory module.

You might want to order the exact memory that is already in place. If you choose to upgrade this memory by removing one or both Random Access Memory modules, then you will need to look up the specifications for this Dell Inspiron one 2305. You need to make sure to obtain Random Access Memory that this motherboard will support.