Vertus Fluid Mask – Fix Your Licensing Issue With Fluid Mask

Problem with Fluid Mask license code. First time you installed fluid mask there was an error, so you uninstalled and reinstalled it again. You were prompted to install an upgrade, which you did, and you think it was successful.

However, now your being told that this license number already exists on either this, or another computer. You have tried uninstalling and reinstalling as mentioned previously, but your being asked if you want to import a license number from another computer. This is your only computer that it has been installed on, so you are confused as to what to do.

If you haven’t already please register and activate your software. Online registration:

This option requires an active internet connection on a machine on which you are installing Fluid Mask.

1. Please open Fluid Mask and go to “Help” then select “Register”.

2. Fill out a registration form and insert your serial key. The serial key should have been sent to after you placed your order for Fluid Mask 3 and has a format similar to example:


Please make sure you copy and paste your serial key into a serial key field to avoid typos or mixing up digits and letters like 0 and O etc.

3. Click on a button to send your information.

4. Registration takes a few seconds. If it was successful you will see a pop-up window confirming that you are now registered.

5. In addition you can see a message “You have a full license” when going to “Help” then selecting “About Fluid Mask”.

Vertus Fluid Mask

Also, Vertus support states that you don’t have to uninstall your software to install any updates. If you removed your Fluid Mask 3.0 to install any updates, I recommend reinstalling your software and this time installing any updates on top of your boxed version. That license number I gave you was just an example one.

You should have received one in a same format when you purchased Fluid Mask 3.0. You might have received it with your order email from Vertus. I didnt’ find much information on about Fluid Mask Lite.

I would check your order email you received when you purchased Fluid Mask 3. It’s possible they accidentally shipped you a light version instead of full version. You can submit a support ticket with Vertus and they will look into this for you.

Also, you can email