Windows 1709 – Successful Upgrade From Windows 1607 0xc1900208

Another customer had a problem with Windows 10 updates. This time their Windows 1709 upgrade from Windows 1607 failed. They kept receiving two hexadecimal Windows errors.

Here is their initial communication:

It will not update Microsoft Windows 10. It has said on different occasions the following Errors 0xc80248007 and 0xc1900208. I have version 1607 and need version 1709 on another occasion that I have version 14393 but need version 16299 and the latest is that I have an external syskey but require an internal syskey.

The computer is working OK. What is going on!!!!

Syskey.exe is an old school encryption tool also known as SAM lock tool. However, this was retired way back in the Windows 2000 and NT days. I asked this individual if they had encrypted their hard drive, and they claim that they did NOT.

Syskey was an external utility. I performed a search of their hard drive for this tool and did NOT find any traces of it. Perhaps this was one of those proverbial false positive Microsoft errors.

I could not find any information for 0xc80248007 error. Perhaps it was mistyped. However, I did find some information pertaining to error 0xc1900208.

I decided to use Microsoft’s Windows update troubleshooter this time. This is an easy and free download for Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10. This troubleshooter claimed it found some corruption in the Windows update cache and fixed this problem.

However, I tried using Windows updates in Settings to download Microsoft knowledge base KB4093120 again. What a mistake this was. It took forever to download and then it ended up failing again with the same error earlier in this blog post.

I was able to fix this error 0XC80248007 and upgrade to Windows 1709 by manually downloading and installing KB4093120. I have used this tactic for a few years now. When you manually install a knowledge base download you are using Microsoft’s Windows updates standalone installer.

You have to go into “Services” by typing services into a search box, and then stop the Windows update process. Once the process stops, you then set it to “Manual”. Double click “Windows Update” in “Services”.

Choose “Manual” from a “Startup type:” drop down list. Click on “Apply” and then “OK”. Now you want to double click on the KB4093120 download to begin the install.

This download was over one gigabytes in size. It can take awhile to initialize. Also, it will check for other updates not already installed. Eventually, it will start saving updates to the Windows update cache.

Finally, it will begin installing. Eventually, this update will successfully install and prompt you to restart your computer. Click on restart and then your Windows 10 will be upgraded to Windows 1709.

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  1. @Ricardo Miguel Marin Gonzalez

    Yes Microsoft Windows 10 updates are nothing short of a disaster. When Microsoft first rolled out Windows 10, you could NOT control the automatic updates. As of now you can disable automatic updates.

    However, the last update I installed, I noticed I started to download the update and a few hours later it rebooted the computer without my permission. I was just going to begin the download and install later.


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