Amazon Delivery Policy – Includes Delivery When Your Not Home Incorporated now includes delivery when your not home with their Amazon delivery policy. Amazon is rolling out their Amazon key in home kit. I order from Amazon now and then and quite frankly this service creeps me out.

This kit includes a cloud camera to spy on you I mean provide security. Also, included is a smart lock. Amazon, will enter your home and deliver your package when your not there.

Amazon delivery drivers will obtain a code that expires. They will enter your home, drop off your package and then are supposed to lock your premise. The camera is supposed to videograph your deliveries.

Even if I received quite a few Amazon deliveries, I would never allow anyone into my premises without me being present. You will also receive email notifications of your delivery. You and those authorized get access to your home with this smart lock.

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Only those with a code will be able to open up the smart lock and get access to your house key. Amazon is charging a whopping two hundred forty nine dollars for this device. Although, they claim you will receive a free installation by qualified technician.

This service is only available in select cities for Amazon prime members. The included smart cam takes 1080p video and even has night vision. You can keep your current dead bolt and keys or replace them.

Amazon claims that you can install this kit yourself by downloading an application to your smart device. Also, you get notified each time someone enters or exits your door. You can even lock and unlock your door from your smart device.

I can’t imagine this service will succeed. To me it is too ripe for abuse. I can just see the headlines when somebody gets their home robbed because of this service.