Legacy Family Tree – no Longer Supports Internet Explorer 11

Another problem in the world order of technology. However, this one deals with a retirement of sorts. The software developer of Legacy Family Tree no longer supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

This is probably a wise decision. Microsoft Internet Explorer is a known security risk. Here is my clients initial request:

My message from you is that my browser needs to be up dated or replaced. If i do that, what will happen to all my saved data? I use Legacy for my Family Tree.

I have found that Family Search is the most reliable source for research.

This was an easy fix for this individual. They were using a Hewlett Packard 1380T computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. This customer was using Microsoft Internet Explorer as their default web browser.

I remotely connected to this computer and changed the default web browser specified by Legacy Family Tree software. I changed it from "Default" to Google Chrome. This individual already had Google Chrome installed.

I explained to them that the developer's of this Legacy Family Tree software basically no longer supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. You could still look up family ancestry information with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. However, many facets of their website no longer worked correctly.

Legacy Family Tree is just a client software application that allows you to search ancestry information. Some data requires the web based version. This is where Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 comes into play.

Legacy Family Tree is only compatible with Microsoft Edge web browser, Mozilla Firefox web browser, Google Chrome web browser, and Apple Safari web browser. Microsoft Edge web browser was NOT an option since you cannot install it on Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems. Since this was a Microsoft operating system environment, then obviously Apple Safari would NOT be an option as well.

Google Chrome was already installed on this computer, so I recommended this be the browser of choice. You have to tell Legacy Family Tree to use Google Chrome instead of the operating system default web browser, which was Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Open Family Tree Legacy, if NOT already opened.

Select "Options" from the top menu bar. Now you select "Customize". Click on the "Launch" tab.

Look for "Which Web Browser would you like to use with Legacy?". Click on the "Change" button. Look for the "Default Browser" dialog box. You will need to find the folder where your web browser is located.

This will be the web browser that you are changing to. Select the web browser's executable file in the left window and then click on the "OK" button. The Browser field will now show the path and name of this web browser:


Finally, click on the "Save" button to exit this dialog box. When you create web pages you will see a message box that asks you "Would you like to view the Web pages in your browser"? Click the "Yes "button, which will open these web pages in the web browser you just selected.

I instructed this individual to close Legacy Family Tree and then open it again. Then had them perform some test ancestry searches. Google Chrome was now this programs default web browser.

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Sorry an Error Has Occurred and Word Could Not Start (6) Fix

Another computer software problem in the land of make believe called Microsoft. This time one of my clients was receiving the following error when attempting to open Microsoft Word 2016.

Sorry an Error Has Occurred and Word Could Not Start (6)

I have no fucking idea what the number 6 designates. Anyways, here is the original client request:

My Microsoft Word and Edge wont come up on my computer.

If you noticed this customer had a problem with Microsoft Edge crashing. That will be covered in a separate blog post. This Windows 10 Home edition computer had major problems.

Three different antivirus software as enabled. Windows Defender, McaFee antivirus, and Norton Internet Security. Here is a gold tip early in this blog post. Do NOT install more than one antivirus software on any computer.

When two or more antivirus software are functional on the same computer, they end up fighting each other over resources. This machine was very slow and mostly because three different antivirus was functional. I removed McAfee antivirus because it had expired.

Norton Internet Security still had around six months of an active license. Windows Defender was easy to disable and or configure to use McaFee for antivirus. Also, I decided to use my preferred PC optimization tool, on this computer.

This software freed up about 500 megabytes of disk space and cleaned hundreds of registry entries. I then ran a spyware scan with my preferred anti spyware software. This software found three major pieces of malware software.

Next, I decided to try to repair Microsoft Office Word 2016. I went into "Apps and Features" in Windows 10. I selected Office 365.

This revealed two choices, "Modify" or "Uninstall". You want to select "Modify" then click on "Quick Repair". This took quite awhile and to no avail.

Microsoft Word 2016 would still NOT open. There is another repair option under "Modify". This is called "Online Repair".

I did NOT perform an online repair of Microsoft Word 2016. Instead, I went ahead and checked to see if there were any updates available for Microsoft Office 2016. You want to open an office application that actually works.

Now you select "Account" or "Office Account". Look for "Product Information". Select "Update Options".

Now click on "Update Now". Any Microsoft Office updates will be downloaded and installed. Once this scenario finished, I attempted to open up Microsoft Word.

Finally, Microsoft Word successfully worked. I had the client test some previously created Microsoft Office 2016 Word documents. All is well in the land of make believe called Microsoft land, until the next crisis.

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iTunes Library – Extras.ITDB File is Locked on MAC Fix

Another computer problem in the world order. This time a customer was NOT able to use iTunes on a brand new Macintosh computer. Here is their request:

"I'm getting an error message on my new MAC computer when I try to open iTunes. It's brand new. Gave me the error the first time I tried opening it."

This individual had purchased a refurbished Apple Macintosh with Macintosh operating system 10.13.3, High Sierra, directly from Apple. This is the exact error message:

Error MSG: The iTunes Library Extras.itdb file is locked, on a locked disk, or you do not have write permission for this file.

It is always a good idea to give a computer technician the exact error message you are receiving. Anyways, here is my response to this predicament. You can try to either rename that .itdb file to something else like .itdb.bak.

Also, if you have not used iTunes before, you can try to delete that .itdb file. If successful at renaming or deleting, then try to see if iTunes will now open.

This customer renamed this .itdb file, but this did NOT fix this problem. This iTunes Library Extras.itdb file is located in the iTunes folder under the Music directory. Also, you can search for a file by using "Spotlight".

Spotlight is the search icon in the menu bar. Click on that icon and then type in "iTunes Library Extras.itdb" without quotes into a search box. You can also copy and paste this file:

iTunes Library Extras.itdb

If renaming that .itdb file does NOT fix this problem right away, you can try this next step. I would rename or delete that file and then reboot your Macintosh. Then open iTunes after a reboot.

This customer then received the same error message with a second .itdb file named iTunes Library Genuis.itdb file. What fixed this problem was to configure the correct permissions for both of these files. You can try this step.

Yes it could be file permissions issue. Change permissions for everyone to "read & write" for both those .itdb files. Select one of those files then choose "File".

Select "Get Info". If the information in "Sharing & Permissions" is not visible, then click the triangle. Click the lock icon if you need, to unlock it.

You will need to enter in your administrator name and password. Click everyone in the "Name" column, then choose "read & write", from the pop up menu. This customer was able to fix their own file permissions problem partly with my help.

Okay, I went to each file and there was already a permission showing for "everyone" with read and write permission. So I added a permission, selected my username, and changed the permission to read and write. It did not ask for my password.

But that seemed to do it. I can now open iTunes. Thank you.

Looking for music from iTunes? Check out the top music albums from the iTunes store. Download iTunes if you don't have it installed.

Anet Computers is a participant in the Apple iTunes Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means, for sites to earn advertising fees, by advertising and linking to Apple.com.

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PokerStars App – Rational Updater Client Stopped Working Fix

Another problem in the Technology industry. This time it deals with breads y circuses. A customer from a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions, had a problem with PokerStars App. Here is is request including the error message they kept receiving.

When I log in to Poker Stars I get the message "rational updater client software has stopped working on my Dell laptop.

This individual had a Dell Vostro with Windows 7 operating system installed. Here is my response, which ended up fixing this problem. You could try to uninstall Pokerstars.

Please follow the instructions from this Pokerstars reinstall web page. You will need to back up two files, user.ini and notes.user.xml. You will need to reboot your computer after uninstalling.

Then you can download Pokerstars again and install. Once you regain connection to Pokerstars server successfully, then you move those two files back to their original locations. Click the "Start" button.

You can copy, then paste the path below into the "Search" box and press the "Enter" key.


You want to locate "user.ini" or "user" and "notes.user.xml" files. Copy these two files to a temporary location ie.
the desktop. Then uninstall PokerStars.

Browse to "Control Panel" then select "Programs". In "Programs", uninstall all PokerStars items. Restart your computer.

Download and install a fresh copy of the PokerStars software. When you regain your connection to PokerStars, be sure to restore those two saved files. Click on the "Help" icon and select "Open My Settings Folder", then close PokerStars and copy those two files back into that folder.

If you are asked to overwrite any files, click on accept. This individual was able to fix their own problem with PokerStars. These instructions were written for both Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems.

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Windows DVD Player – Stuck Loading Potential Fix

Another computer problem on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This time a Microsoft Windows customer was having problems with their Windows DVD player. This commercial DVD player software would just sit at "Loading" to no avail.

Here is their initial communications:

I bought a CD app so I can watch CD's. I can't get it to work and all the help is on line and I am really dumb on following direction on line. Next they keep asking for my account Pass Word and Email Address but nothing works so it go nowhere.

Don't know where to turn.

I went through the proverbial software troubleshooting steps. I checked to make sure that more than one Windows DVD player process was not running. I was able to repair this application from within "Apps and Features".

Also, I ran both "Cleaner and Registry" scans with my preferred PC optimization tool. I ran a system file check scan via the following command:

sfc /scannow

You need to type this command into a command prompt with administrator rights. All of the a fore mentioned steps did NOT fix this "Loading" problem. I went into "Settings" then "Update & Security".

I clicked on "Check for updates". There were a few updates missing. A quite large update downloaded and installed.

This update required a reboot. Once this Windows 10 computer rebooted, the Windows DVD player worked correctly. This is only a potential solution, as your computer may have different problem(s) causing this application to not work correctly. As of the time of this blog post creation, Microsoft charges $14.99 for this application.

Windows Media Player by default will NOT play DVD's without installing the proper DVD codecs. Most DVD codecs for Windows Media Player are commercial. However, if you were NOT able to fix your Windows DVD player from getting stuck at "Loading", I will provide you a bonus tip and link.

My preferred media player for Microsoft Windows is FREE and open source. It will play most DVD movies. I am NOT sure if Microsoft will issue a refund if end users cannot successfully load a DVD. Also, the ratings for this application on the Windows Store are NOT very high.

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Epson WF 3720 – Printer Driver Installation For Linux Mint

Another computer support request in the world order. This time a customer needed some help with Linux. I do NOT often receive that many support requests for Linux.

Here is their request:

Hi and I can't seem to get the drivers downloaded for the WF-3720 Epson to Linux.

There can be a steep learning curve with Linux. However, I have used Linux for around fifteen years now. Actually, I am almost more comfortable using Linux compared to Apple Macintosh or Microsoft Windows operating systems. I was able to find a suitable Epson WF 3720 printer driver for Linux Mint version 18.1.

Linux can be a pain in the ass to find hardware drivers for. Here is my response to this Linux support request. You can try to download this Epson WF 3720 generic printer driver. You will need click on "I agree" to view a list of drivers.

NOTE: This direct link was removed NOT too long after I originally wrote this blog post. You will need to click on the link above. Type in "3720" into a search box. To the right of the search box their is a drop down menu.

Choose "Linux" from that list and click on the search icon. You will now be able to see the Linux printer driver. Click on "Download".

You will need to login with your root account or root credentials. Also, you will need to install LSB version 3.2 or newer first.

apt-get install lsb

Since your using Linux Mint you want to select the correct .deb package. epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2_1.0.15-1lsb3.2_i386.deb for Intel processor or epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2_1.0.15-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb for AMD. This individual was using a Dell Inspiron computer with an Intel chip set. Also, this individual requested that I remotely connect and install the driver.

I ran into a few road blocks but was able to finally get the driver installed. First of all Linux can be a bitch when it comes to driver dependencies. Initially, I installed lsb successfully but had to remove it.

I received this error after installing LSB and while trying to install the "epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2_1.0.15-1lsb3.2_i386.deb" driver both via the graphical user interface and command line. Many times I prefer installing hardware drivers and software on Linux via command line, because at least for me the errors are displayed right away. When trying to install via the graphical user interface, Linux errors are NOT necessarily in your face so to speak.

The Package System is broken

epson-inkjet-printer-201303w:i386: Depends: lsb(>=3.2) but 4.1+Debian11ubuntu is installed

I fixed this dependency issue by submitting the following command. This command removed a partially installed Epson WF 3720 driver. I have no fucking idea why, but this driver would partially get installed even though there was a dependency problem.

apt-get -f install

Then the partial driver was successfully removed and I was able to successfully install this Epson WF 3720 driver on Linux Mint 18.1 with this command.

apt-get install printer-driver-escpr

I no longer received that dependency error and was able to submit printing a test page. The only remaining task was the individual had to make sure this printer was set to default. Also, this printer was connected via the network.

I configured this printer as a network connected printer.

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Turbotax For MAC – Operating System Requirements

As a computer repair technician, you know when tax season rolls around. I have received quite a few Turbotax help requests. A common theme I have noticed is that Turbotax endusers try to install this software on a Macintosh and are abrubtly stopped.

What many of these users do NOT know is that Turbotax has specific requirements when it comes to what MAC operating system this software maker supports. Turbotax for MAC tax year 2017 requires MAC OS 10.11 which is El Capitan or newer. On the surface this may seem like an easy upgrade.

However, Apple corporation has required an Apple ID in order to upgrade your MAC operating system, for quite sometime now. Many Macintosh users do NOT even know their Apple ID password. Also, amazingly enough to me many Macintosh users do NOT even know their MAC password.

I downloaded the Turbotax 2017 onto my computer. I can?t open it. It says there was a problem.

I updated my computer. It also says I may have to re download it but don?t know how.

This individual was using a Macbook Professional. This Macbook had MAC OS 10.10.5 which is also known as Yosemite. If you do NOT know what version of MAC operating system is installed, you can click on the top menu, then select the Apple icon on top left menu.

Then choose "About this MAC". My other customers had to upgrade to El Capitan which is MAC OS 10.11 before they could use Turbotax 2017. You would use the Apple Store, in order to upgrade your Macintosh.

In the Apple Store on the home page you might see a banner advertising a free upgrade to High Sierra. High Sierra is MAC operating system 10.13. You would just click on the "Free Upgrade".

You would then download High Sierra and then install it. Yes, Turbotax 2017 will work with 10.11 El Capitan and 10.13 High Sierra as long as you have 64 bit Macbook pro. In order to find out if your Macintosh has x64 64 bit support you look for "System Report" on the "About this MAC" in the "Overview" tab.

Click on "System Report" and then on left hand side scroll down until you see "Software". Click on "Software" to expand it and look for "64-bit Kernel and Extensions". If it is marked with a Yes then you have 64 bit MAC operating system installed.

Two warnings before you proceed to upgrading your Macintosh. First, you will need to have an Apple ID. Also, you will need to know your Apple ID password.

Second, you will need to know your Macintosh administrator password. You will need to log in to the Apple Store with your Apple ID. After High Sierra or any other MAC operating system finishes downloading, it will prompt you to enter your Macintosh administrator password in order to begin the installationprocess.

The final task will be to click "Restart" which will reboot your Apple Macintosh and upgrade the operating system. If you do NOT have your Apple ID and administrator password, you will just waste time trying to upgrade. Finally, this might be a gold tip.

One of my customers was in communication with someone from Intuit and told them that next year, tax year 2018, Turbotax will require MAC operating system 10.13 High Sierra.

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Install Adobe Flash – Player When You Cannot Download it

Another day solving computer and information technology problems. This time a customer could NOT download and install Adobe flash player. Here is their question:

Having trouble downloading flash player. Help instructions on the screen do not correspond to what I see. Just go ahead and get it on my machine if that is possible.

This individual had a computer with Windows 7 operating system installed. Also, they wanted Adobe flash player installed for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 web browser. When you tried to install Adobe flash player on this computer you would not receive the proverbial "Run" or "Save" options.

This customer had installed multiple browser toolbars which I do NOT think are productive. Many times web browser toolbars can conflict with tasks such as trying to download and install an extension, player, etc. I went ahead and reset their Internet Explorer settings back to default.

This requires a Microsoft Windows restart. However, I decided to also manually install Adobe flash player. I downloaded Adobe flash player specifically for Internet Explorer and Windows 7.

You choose which operating system under "Select an operating system". Then you want to choose a flash player for "Internet Explorer". Finally, you click on "Download now".

I then remotely connected to their computer and copied this Adobe flash player installer. This process took a few minutes ad the latest version of Adobe flash player was downloaded. Eventually, I was able to successfully install Adobe flash player for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

However, I received a false positive error. The Adobe flash player installer claimed that this install failed. I went to "Control Panel" then selected "Programs and Features".

Sure enough Adobe flash player was listed as one of the programs installed. I double verified by browsing to this Adobe web page that lets you verify what version of flash player you have installed. Click on "Check Now".

This tool verified that indeed Adobe flash player had been successfully installed on this Windows 7 computer. The customer was able to successfully open up a web based training module that needed Adobe flash player.

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Autodesk Inventor 2018 – Installation Instructions

A customer requested help with the installation of Autodesk Inventor 2018. Here is their question below:

I am trying to get autodesk inventor, student version, running in my computer unsuccessfully. Can you tell me who could help me doing that? Windows 7 Home Premium, MS 2009, Service Pack 1. Dell XPS 8300, 16GB RAM, 64-bit
I downloaded Autodesk Fusion 360, student version, about a year but could never actually open it and try it.

I tried downloading the Inventor v.16 recently but it did not download, apparently because the Fusion version is in my PC. I tried opening Fusion again but couldn't. What I am after, really is Inventor since I had some previous experience with it and I'd like to refresh and update my skills with CAD.

Could you connect to my PC, remove the Fusion version and download/install Inventor v.16 and set it up ready?

This individual currently has Fusion 360 installed. They tried removing Fusion 360 but get hanged up with errors or frozen windows. I was able to successfully remove Fusion 360 by going into "Control Panel" then selecting "Programs and Features".

I first had to end about 4 or 5 running Fusion processes by opening up "Task Manager". Once they processes were ended I then was able to remove Fusion 360. Then I attempted to start Inventor version 16 2016 version that was still on this hard drive.

I received an immediate "Abort" error. I tried ending some existing Fusion 360 processes that were running. I still received this abort error.

Instead of fucking around trying to get Fusion 360 version 2016 to install, I went to the Autodesk website and I found their catalogue of free software for students and educators. Luckily, this individual already had an Autdesk login. You must create an account and login to get access to this free software.

He logged in and downloaded Autodesk Inventor 2018. Here is one caveat, you may need to download both the "Autodesk Downloader" and "Autodesk Inventor 2018" web installer. You will need to select your version, operating system you are using, and language from drop down lists and then click on "INSTALL NOW" button.

You will receive educational licenses in your email. I successfully installed Autodesk Inventor 2018 by first installing Autodesk Downloader. I then ran the Autodesk 2018 Inventor web installer.

Actually, I downloaded both of these small executables to this individuals computer. Once, I started the web installer, a large window opened up with a download progress indicator. Eventually, a list of available software was displayed with all of them selected as default.

This would take up approximately 28 gigabytes of disk space. The client wanted all the software, so proceeded to click "Install". Depending on your Internet connection speed, this can take quite a bit of time to download.

Eventually, some of the software will begin installing. You want to allow this installer to proceed and complete the installation of all Autodesk Inventor 2018 software. If the installer freezes up, you can end it and begin again.

You may need to reboot your computer and begin the installation again. You will notice some software will already have been installed successfully, even though the download progess indicator shows data still being processed.

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System Restore Windows 10 – May Fix Your Computer Problem

I received another customer question on a third party website, where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. Here is the customers question below:

In Windows 10, I have clicked on a program in my apps to have it go to the system tray, but it will not go there. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it, but it still will not go there. It is my security program and my definitions will not download either, so what do I need to do?

This customer owns a Dell OptiPlex 980. They sent a message to the support team for this security software, but never heard back from them. This could be a gold tip.

Anytime you have computer problems on a Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 you could potentially save alot of troubleshooting headaches and time. Performing a system restore Windows 10 solved this problem. Here is my response:

Also, you could try performing a system restore back to when you were not having problems with this software. Click the Windows 10 start menu icon in lower left corner. Select "Search" and type in "System Restore".

Click on "Create a restore point". A "System properties" window will open up. You should be in the "System protection" tab of that window.

Click on "System Restore". Another "System Restore" window will open up. Click on "Next". In the next window you will be able to select your restore point.

Also, you can place a check box in the "Show more restore points". What you want to choose here is a date and time before you were having your current problem. In this example my customer's security software quit working correctly.

My customer choose a restore point before they remember having this problem. Choose a restore point back to before you were having your current computer problem(s). Now you click "Next".

In order to begin system restore, you select "Finish". Your computer will have to reboot in order to restore it back to the restore point that you picked. You want to close any open files and applications.

This process can take awhile depending on your computer. If successful Windows will be restored back to the point you picked. This can potential revert any problems you were having.

Also, keep in mind that any software installed since this restore point you picked, will get removed. However, system restore does NOT meddle with any of your uses data. For example your documents, videos, music, etc. will not be changed or touched.

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